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Instructions For Use

For Roasting:
Season meat, poultry, wild game or seafood with salt and pepper, etc. as desired. Sprinkle on OohLa!La! If you are using a very lean cut of meat, dot meat with butter or margarine before roasting. When cooked to desired doneness, turn meat to remove any excess seasoning and then strain juices to create au jus.

For Grilling:
Season meat, poultry, wild game or seafood as desired with salt and pepper, etc. and then rub on the OohLa!La! Grill to desired doneness.

Featured Recipe

Marinated Italian Chicken OohLa!La!

Marinate chicken pieces in Italian dressing or vinaigrette dressing if you prefer that for approximately 2 hours turning several times.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Sprinkle chicken pieces on both sides with salt, pepper, garlic powder and OohLa!La!

Place chicken pieces skin side up in a baking pan which has been sprayed with cooking spray. Cover with foil and roast 45 minutes. Remove foil and roast 15 minutes longer or until brown. Remove chicken to a platter and heat juice over direct heat adding a small amount of water. Strain juice, pour over chicken and serve. Enjoy!


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